Master Your Smartphone Photograph Course 13 July

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Unleash the full power of your smartphone camera with our immersive, full-day workshop,led by an experienced professional photographer. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your skills, this course is tailored to elevate your smartphone photography to new heights.

Course Date: Saturday 13 July 2024
Time: 8 AM -5 PM
Price: R1300 per attendee
Limited Spots: Only 10 attendees – book now!

Workshop Highlights:

Camera Mastery: Unlock your smartphone’s hidden features.
Composition & Light: Learn the rules and how to break them creatively.
Practical Tips: Hands-on settings adjustments and techniques.
Hands-on Shooting Assignments: Apply what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios.
Editing Basics: Enhance your photos with Lightroom Mobile.
Review & Feedback: Get expert advice and improve your shots.

What’s in It for You?
Expert Guidance: Learn from a professional, seasoned photographer who will walk you through every step.
Hands-On Practice: Engage in practical exercises and real-life shooting assignments to hone your skills.
Editing Skills: Master basic and advanced editing techniques with top apps like Lightroom Mobile.
Instant Results: Walk away with improved photography skills and stunning images captured and edited by you.

Why Join?
Always Ready: Your smartphone is the best camera you have with you.
Enhanced Skills: Learn to use smartphone camera settings and in phone editing tools.
Photography Techniques & Tricks: Experiment with angles, perspectives, and lighting.
Don’t miss out! Master the art of smartphone photography and capture stunning images anytime, anywhere.

Reserve Your Spot Now:
Call: 084-388-2233 | Email:

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